Safest Car Seats to Consider for Your Child – What You Should Know


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If you’re aiming to make certain that your child’s protected whenever you drive your car to travel anywhere you want to go to, as parents and guardians you should look for the most reliable car seats that you can easily fasten your kids on and keep them safe all throughout travel time.

Take note that aside from the vehicle you’re driving, the particular seat where you child is restrained is the first thing that will protect your child from any unforeseen events on the road. This is why it’s very essential to obtain the safest seat that will also not protect your child but will bring comfort to the child as well.

Transitioning Seats for Your Child’s Safety

It’s recommended that you move your children from one type of seat to another in accordance with your state’s law. Generally speaking your newborn babies should be on a seat that can be detached and is placed only on a rear facing position. This position in your car has been assessed to be less prone to fatality during accidents on the road.

When your little ones grow heavier and taller, they can then be moved to a convertible seat which should still be facing the rear side of your car and then eventually can be switched to face forward when your little ones grows older. As they grow up the gain more weight and grow taller which will then require them to be transferred to a booster seat so their position can be raised up to the point that they fit your vehicle’s seat belts.

Several crash test results as well as various fact finding teams were able to determine that there are great chances that kids can easily outgrow their very own seats not by weight but by height instead. Having known this, consumer reports is now advising guardians and parents to have their kids move from an infant seat to a convertible seat facing the rear side of their car when they reach the age of one to prevent possible injuries on the head.

And to make certain of safety at all times when on the road, the baby seats that are being marketed in the United States are required to meet the standards for safety as declared by the federal state.

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  1. Now, when the child is now suitable to seat on a convertible seat, it’s then recommended that the seat is still facing the rear side of the car up to the age of two or if they have reached the maximum recommended height or the weight limit for using convertible seats that are facing the rear side of the car. Different states in the U.S. have passed these laws and if you fail to comply with these regulations you may then have to pay a fine.
  2. Now, if you’re wondering what could be the safest seat that you can install in your car and at the same time will allow your child to be comfortable for long hours of traveling. With the many options available in stores today, you may find it quite a challenge just to name one. You can start reading reviews online so you can compare your options and eventually decide on what’s good for you. Don’t forget to read the manuals intended for your car and the seat. Look for seats which features a load-leg as seats which have this can surely protect your child from any possible collisions while you are on the road.

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