Month: February 2018

New Child Car Seats UK Rules Every Parent Should Know

Now you’re probably wondering what the new rules are when it comes to car seats for children and you’re somehow concerned if such rules will directly affect you.

The regulations and also the rules for these child seats are now being modified according to the safety needs of kids when travelling by car. On the other hand, parents shouldn’t get worried if they already bought seats for their kids as they will not have to replace them at all.

Child Car Seat

What Changes Will Take Place

Modifications on allowable height as well as weight requirements for kids who are utilizing booster seats will be implemented. Such changes already have the approval of United Nations to ensure safety when using such type of seats that are also backless.

As per the current rules, such kind of seats can be utilized by kids who are weighing for about 15 kg and above or more likely kids who are already three years old and older. As per the new regulations as well as rules, kids who are over 22 kg and are over 125 cm tall are the ones who can actually utilize such kind of seats.

Since United Nations is responsible for setting up the standards for the safety of these vehicular seats, they are also the ones responsible in having such rules implemented via the EU. Since the rules have been in effect since March of 2017, the whole of UK is currently participating in ensuring that such rules are being taken seriously by parents or adults who travel with their kids all the time.

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Why Implement the New Rules Soon

  1. Those who are experts in evaluating car seats for kids claims that through testing and research, they found out that such type of seat is not that suitable for little children.
  2. Since such kind of booster seat doesn’t hold the child securely to the seat, chances are kids have less protection in case there is a vehicular side-on collision that takes place.

What to Do When You Already Purchased One for Your Child

If you’ve currently purchased a different type of seat and not the backless ones, you definitely don’t have to worry at all. Such rules are only applicable for those who are using backless seats for their kids.

However, new seats which are known to be available in the market today currently meet the standards in terms of safety so less worries for those who are not using this type of seat yet.

There’s no reason for parents and guardians to actually obtain a new seat. The manufacturers of these seats are absolutely the ones responsible for ensuring that the new seats are compliant with the modified standards for car seat safety and are properly labelled on the products they sell.

What Parents Should Know

It’s essential to obtain the appropriate seat for your kids to keep them safe at all times when they travel by car. Know the different seat requirements for the different age gap of your child.

According to the law the vehicle driver is liable for a child who’s under fourteen and isn’t wearing a seat belt or on the other hand is not on a child restraint seat. The fine for such violation is up to £500. Although here are exceptions to this case, parents and guardians should at all times be mindful of the laws.

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