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Tips on How to Do Away With Old Car Seats

car seatYour kids are probably all grown up now and you’re trying to clear up all the clutter that was left of their childhood. One of the bulky and spacious things that may catch your attention would be old car seats uninstalled from your car.

Such bulky equipment will not only be eating up your space at home but may as well be accumulating too much dust from the many years it has not been used. And because of this, you might just want to get rid of it soon.

However, due to the many memories that you share with your children when they were still seated safely on these outgrown seats that were once installed on your car, you probably feel awful thinking that it’s just not worth the memories to throw these once meaningful things in the garbage just like that.

Although we are aware that these seats when they were still functional did their job in keeping our kids safe from harm, however on the other side of the story when we really don’t have anything to do with these things anymore can absolutely be a huge bulk of trash that might not even be that easy to recycle at all.

The good news is that there are ways on how you can dispose these old car seats in the right way for recycling both in the U.S. and Canada.

Here are few tips for you to consider

  1. First thing to consider are recycling depots. All you need to do is to start searching for depots that accepts old seats from various vehicles which they as well recycle. Some depots may charge for a particular amount for recycling the material and some may as well require having the seat partly dismantled.
  2. Another option is to reuse the seats. If you know somebody who is need and cannot afford to buy a car seat and you have some to spare which were outgrown by your children, you can absolutely donate the seats to a charitable institution or to a social welfare organization. 

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However, the seats should at least meet three major criteria before it can be reused

  • Seats should not be expired.
  • Seats have never been damaged due to an accident.
  • The straps of the seats haven’t been washed or cleaned utilizing harmful chemicals.

Lastly, you can always recycle. Dismantling the car seat may not be that easy but it is the best way for you to start discovering what you can use from the different parts of an old car seat.

You will have to use various tools in taking the pieces apart from the seats and it may also take a lot of time and effort to perform such task. In then end though you’ll be able to separate those metal pieces and plastic that can be recycled and hen do away with the parts that need to go to trash.

These are only a few options for you to look upon when it comes to disposing the old car seats that your children have outgrown for some time. In the U.S. there is this Earth Month celebration where Target had this Car Seat Trade event. Target had teamed up with recycling company that will accept old car seats for recycling and in return those who brought their seats got a discount coupon.

Always keep your eyes open for such type of events that will not only help you get rid of the clutter at home but also help save our environment.

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Safest Car Seats to Consider for Your Child – What You Should Know

infant protection

If you’re aiming to make certain that your child’s protected whenever you drive your car to travel anywhere you want to go to, as parents and guardians you should look for the most reliable car seats that you can easily fasten your kids on and keep them safe all throughout travel time.

Take note that aside from the vehicle you’re driving, the particular seat where you child is restrained is the first thing that will protect your child from any unforeseen events on the road. This is why it’s very essential to obtain the safest seat that will also not protect your child but will bring comfort to the child as well.

Transitioning Seats for Your Child’s Safety

It’s recommended that you move your children from one type of seat to another in accordance with your state’s law. Generally speaking your newborn babies should be on a seat that can be detached and is placed only on a rear facing position. This position in your car has been assessed to be less prone to fatality during accidents on the road.

When your little ones grow heavier and taller, they can then be moved to a convertible seat which should still be facing the rear side of your car and then eventually can be switched to face forward when your little ones grows older. As they grow up the gain more weight and grow taller which will then require them to be transferred to a booster seat so their position can be raised up to the point that they fit your vehicle’s seat belts.

Several crash test results as well as various fact finding teams were able to determine that there are great chances that kids can easily outgrow their very own seats not by weight but by height instead. Having known this, consumer reports is now advising guardians and parents to have their kids move from an infant seat to a convertible seat facing the rear side of their car when they reach the age of one to prevent possible injuries on the head.

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